Giving Back...

We have decided to give a percentage of our gross profit into projects we see doing beautiful things in our city, our country, and the world.

Santiago, Chile – House of Hope

House of Hope, or “Casa Esperanza,” was created in 2005 as a safe haven for at-risk children in one of our Santiago communities.  The goal of House of Hope it to work with these kids during the day, giving them an environment of love and protection where they can feel a sense of belonging and family.  As teachers we know all too well the importance of care, support, and education for our kids.  For this reason, we want to bring as many new opportunities and learning experiences as possible to these young children.

Iloca, Chile – Earthquake/Tsunami Reconstruction

The morning of February 27, 2010 changed the lives of many Chileans.  The 8.8 magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami claimed the lives of 524 people and destroyed or damaged 288,000 homes.  The coastal town of Iloca, 65 miles north of the quake’s epicenter, was severely affected.  As we work to rebuild houses and restore livelihood, we hope to bring a brighter future to the victims of such tragic devastation.

R.U.T. 76.217-358-1
Casilla 45, Maipú

(022) 570.9335


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Sierra Leone, Africa – Humanitarian Aid

Sierra Leone is a country severely underdeveloped with intense needs in the areas of health, clean water and food security.   We address these physical needs through humanitarian projects (wells, rice production, medical clinics, medicine) in an effort to relieve the suffering of the people, and in doing so, gain the opportunity to share our faith with them as well so that spiritual healing may begin also.